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There is no better way to explore the beauty of the Nile than onboard a Dahabeya, an comfortable Egyptian sailing boat with two sails. Europeans have been travelling the Nile with these traditional boats since the 19th century. When booking with the Egyptian Austrian Travel Company (EATC), travelers to Egypt can choose between three beautifully crafted Dahabeyas: The Dahabeya Amoura, Dahabeya Donia and Dahabeya Judi.


Our Dahabeyas


Our Dahabeyas are state-of-the-art vessels, designed after traditional Egyptian sailing boats. The Dahabeya Amoura was built in 2008, is 38 metres long and 6.5 meters wide. Her eigth crew members cater to the passengers’ every need. Die Dahabeya Judi was built in 2009 – she therefore still is quite a new sailing boat, measures 47.5 metres in length, is 7.3 metres wide and has a crew of 10. The third vessel of the EATC fleet is the Dahabeya Donia, built in 2005. She is 36 metres long and 6.1 metres wide. Around-the-clock service onboard the Dahabeya Donia is provided by 7 crew members.


Sailing in Egypt


A sailing trip onbard a Dahabeya is probably the most beautiful and luxurious way to cruise the Nile, the lifeline of Egypt. As soon as the sailing vessel is freed from its moorings, the Dahabeya glides placidly down the river. The ship’s passengers enjoy a delicous cup of coffee while admiring the beauty of the sun-drenched banks, the riverscape, the white sails of other boats sparkeling in the sun while the Nile is lapping gently against the Dahabeya’s bow. Watch the Egyptian landcape drift by at a leisurely pace while lounging in the shade of the canvas-topped Dahabeya’s sun deck. Maybe you’ll even catch a glimpse of a rare bird or a water buffalo grazing under the palm trees at the Nile’s banks.


Cruising the Nile onbard a Dahabeya


During a cruise onboard a Dahabeya you’ll meet people who depend on the Nile as their life force. You’ll gain an insight into the traditional life of an Egyptian – a rare privilege which passengers of big Nile cruise ships will probably never experience. You will of course visit the world-famous temples between Esna and Aswan. Due to the unique built of the Dahabeyas, they are able to moore at sites often untouched by bigger Nile cruise ships – a special treat for the Dahabeyas’ passengers. The atmosphere onboard a Dahabeya is relaxed and casual. The crew takes care of the passengers’ every wish –you’ll quickly forget the drab monotony of everyday life and the urban hubbub. Pass the day in a comfy deck chair, relax in the sun and recharge your batteries. Dining aboard is a culinary experience to remember – with the Dahabeya’s chefs serving delicious Egyptian food. Ingredients are of course fresh since they come straight from markets along the Nile. One of the highlights of each cruise is a romantic dinner on the shores of the Nile. There, under the canopy of the stars, you will be served culinary Egyptian treats while bonfires light the night: an unforgettable experience.