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Dahabiya Nile


Sailing the Nile onboard a Dahabiya

Dahabiyas are designed after boats that sailed the Nile in ancient times. The wooden Nile cruise ship does not have an engine but is a true sailing boat: Her two sails are hoisted on two masts. And because the ship sails upstream, there is a small motor vessel that can tow the sailing boat in case of a lull in the wind. Power onboard is provided by a generator that will be switched off from 11 pm to 6.30 am so that the ship’s passengers can enjoy the perfect peace and quiet of the Egyptian night. There are, of course, flashlights in each cabin and emergency lights to illuminate the corridors - Dahabiya-passengers can find their way even in the dark of the night.

Exploring the Nile onbard a Dahabiya

To explore the Nile onboard a Dahabiya means an experience characterized by individuality and luxury. Our Dahabiyas only have 6-10 cabins. Consequently, there are never more than 20 passengers onboard the ship. The atmosphere on deck during the cruise is exquisitely tranquil. Seize the opportunity and read a book while relaxing onboard the Dahabiya, enjoy a sun-bath, a friendly chat with your fellow travelers or simply watch the scenery pass you by.

A Dahabiya doesn’t dock at the sites where the big Nile cruise ships anchor but instead, depending on the situation, moors along the banks of the Nile or at the shores of a romatic island in the stream instead – therefore nights onboard a Dahabiya are blissfully quiet and relaxing.

Even the itinerary of a Dahabiya river cruise is – to a certain extent – quite flexible. The captain of the Dahabiya may drop anchor at a particularly beautiful spot spotted by the passengers or he may stop at one of the lesser-known temples. The Dahabiya will also only dock at the major temple complexes when the big Nile cruise ships have already left. This way there will be ample opportunity to explore the world-famous sights along the Nile in the company of your own personal guide. If you like to take pictures while being on vacation then your photos will really show those memorable places – without hundreds of other tourists crowding the place. And since the group of Dahabiya passengers is so small, guides are generally quite flexible concerning the time spent at each attraction. Your captain may also stop on the shores of an island in order to enable the ship’s passengers to take a refreshing dip in the Nile.

You would like to make a reservation for a Nile sailing cruise onboard a Dahabiya? Our employees will gladly answer any question concerning the Dahabiya and the Nile.