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Are you planning to go on a Nile cruise that is unlike any other? You are dreaming of a sailing trip in Egypt? Then a sailing cruise onboard a Dahabiya is exactly what you are looking for.


What is a Dahabiya?

A Dahabiya is a beautifully crafted Egyptian river sailing boat that caters for 12 - 16 passengers. The Egyptian Austrian Travel Company (EATC) offers Nile cruises on three sailing ships: Dahabiya Judi, Dahabiya Amoura and Dahabiya Donia, each one luxuriously equipped and providing a service that leaves nothing to be desired. Each Dahabiya is about 40 metres long, 7 meters wide and fitted with two masts and sails that catch the wind and let the boats sail up the stream. Since there are likely to be days with insufficient wind for sailing, each Dahabiya can be towed up the river by a small dinghy that accompanies her during the cruise. The dinghy can be used for spezial excursions and trips as well. There are up to 10 crew members onbard a Dahabiya who cater around the clock to the passengers’ every need. Fresh food, handpicked daily by the chef on markets en route, guarantee culinary local delights. Enjoy your individual sailing trip on the Nile and leave the hustle of everday life behind while relaxing in the private, comfortable atmosphere on a luxury Nile cruise onbard a Dahabiya.


Sailing the Nile onboard a Dahabiya

During your Dahabiya Nile cruise you’ll sail the Nile upstream between Esna and Aswan at a leisurely pace. When you are travelling onboard a Dahabiya you will enjoy many privileges that passengers of the bigger Nile cruise ships will never experience. Since a Dahabiya sailing cruise offers a lot of flexibility, her captain will pick the ideal time for mooring the ship at Egypt’s famous sights and temples: After the big Nile cruise ships and their passengers have gone. Therefore, you can visit the stunning temples along the Nile almost by yourself. Take your time to explore the ancient world of the pharaos. Your personal tour guide will provide you with useful information on all the incredible sights along the way. There will be ample opportunity for you to stroll through temples, visit tombs and take lots of unique, beautiful pictures.

It goes without saying that, while staying onboard the Dahabiya, you won’t miss the amenities a luxurious ship provides. Onboard a Dahabiya, passengers enjoy the tranquility and peace on the Nile and along its banks. Explore the world-famous sights of ancient Egypt in small, individual groups. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the select atmosphere onboard the Dahabiya. There is no better way to travel the Upper Nile Valley. We at EATC invite you to join us on a nostalgic Nile cruise onbard a Dahabiya!