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A Nile cruise

Cruising the Nile is quite a popular tourist attraction and undertaken by many travelers - especially in the months of autumn and winter. When the days in Northern Europe are getting colder and darker, the climate in Egypt is simply made for exploring the land of the Pharaos while cruising up its lifeline on a sailing boat. A Nile cruise is holiday at its best.


An individual Nile cruise – an experience in its own

As a passenger onboard a Nile cruise ship you will lack nothing: watch the riverscape of the Nile slowly passing by through the window of your air-conditioned and luxurious cabin. Relish the sun in a comfy chaise lounge on the deck – sun shades and cushions are of course provided for. Most Nile cruise ships feature a swimmingpool so Nile cruise passengers are able to enjoy a quick refreshing plunge. Also the passengers’ culinary needs will be satisfied. Local delicacies and continental food are prepared in the galley with fresh ingredients from local markets and harbours along the Nile.


Highlights of a Nile cruise

Most Nile cruise ships sail between between Luxor and Aswan. Visiting the world-famous Aswan High Dam is one of the highlights of a Nile cruise. Travelers should also not miss a trip to the Philae temple complex on Agilkia Island. We recommend a visit Kitchener’s Island with its lovely botanical garden. Another famous attraction is Kom Ombo; a complex that is actually two temples: One dedicated to crocodile-headed Sobek and the other to falcon-headed Horus – a must-see when being on a Nile cruise holiday. After that, the river cruise ship is headed for Edfu. We’d suggest an excursion to the world-famous temple of Horus before you get back onboard your Nile cruise ship, which passes the Esna lock and then continues to Luxor, the highlight of every Nile cruise. Visitors should leave early in the morning for the world-famous tombs of the pharaos in the legendary Valley of the Kings. Other sites worth exploring in Luxor are the Temple of Hatshepsut and the Collossi of Memnon on the Nile’s west bank. We recommend to return to the east bank afterwards in order to explore the impressive temples of Karnak and Luxor. A Nile cruise definitely is the perfect opportunity to delight in the wonder of the ancient pharaos’ legacy. And what could be more beautiful than combining a cultural holiday with the comfort of a relaxing Nile cruise?


A Nile cruise combines culture and recreation

As a matter of course, a Nile cruise provides its passengers with ample opportunity for relaxation – watch the beautiful landscape pass by from the ship’s deck. The Nile is Egypt’s lifeline. Catch a glimps of exotic animals foraging along the river’s banks and watch Egyptian fishermen cast their nets. A journey onboard a Nile cruise ship offers an unique opportunity to gain an insight into the traditional way of life of Egypt’s people. Then, in the evening, when the sun sets over the desert, there is no better place to enjoy this beautiful moment than from your chair on the deck of your Nile cruise boat.