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If you are interested in a fantastic combination of a Nile cruise and beach stay, then EATC’s (Egyptian Austrian Travel Company) sailing cruises are exactly what you’re looking for. Combine a beach holiday at the Red Sea with a Nile cruise onboard a traditional Dahabeya – there is no way more luxurious and relaxing to explore Egypt, the land of the pharaos.


Combine a luxury Nile cruise and stay

The combination of Nile cruise and stay start with a sailing trip on the Nile. Guests have the choice between three traditional Nile sailing boats: Dahabiya Amoura, Dahabiya Donia and Dahabiya Judi. You will be sailing onboard a Dahabiya up the Nile river vom Esna to Aswan at a leisurly pace. Following the traditional Nile cruise, you will then enjoy a fantastic beach holiday in a premium hotel at the Red Sea.

What is it that sets our combinations of luxury Nile cruises and stay apart from other offers? The answer is quite simple: When booking a Nile cruise and stay on a Nile sailing ship with EATC, you will get to know Egypt first hand and meet the people of this wonderful country at eye level. A Nile sailing boat offers its passengers the unique opportunity to stop at sites that are unaccessable by big Nile cruise ships. By booking a Dahabiya Nile cruise and stay you can discover magical places in Egypt that tourists who have booked a regular package of Nile cruise and stay will probable never see.


Nile cruise and stay: Culture and relaxation par excellence

As opposed to the hubbub on big Nile ships that sometimes carry hundreds of passengers, there is an atmosphere of blissful peace onboard a Dahabiya. The traditional sailing boats of EATC.travel usually have only 6-10 cabins which only allows for a very small number of passengers. You will be able to enjoy the privacy and wonderful tranquility of the sun deck or dangle your feet in the cool water while sailing along the river. Did you, from your vantage point on the sun deck, discover a particular beautiful spot at the banks of the Nile where you would like to go for a swim? Did the boat just sail by a beautiful temple that you would like to explore from close-up? When booking you Nile cruise and stay with EATC, you can do so: Just tell a member of the crew that you would like to stop for a while and the captain will grant your wish. When booking you Nile cruise and stay with the Egyptian Austrian Travel Company you will also be able to visit the famous temple complexes between Esna and Aswan individually and at your own pace. Our sailing boats will only moor at the famous sights when the big cruise ships have already left. It goes without saying that, being a guest on our Nile cruise and stay combination, you will have your own personal tour guide.

After the Nile cruise you can recall the highlights of your Nile sailing cruise during your stay at the Red Sea while relaxing at the beach. Please give us a call should you require information concerning the combination of a Nile cruise and beach stay. Our friendly employees will gladly answer all your questions on the topic Nile cruise and stay.