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With the Egyptian Austrian Travel Company (EATC) travelers will find extraordinary, luxurious Nile cruises. The invaluable luxury of a Nile sailing cruise above all is tranquility, relaxation, time and individuality.


Experience a luxury Nile cruise onboard a traditional sailing boat.

The most valuable Nile cruise luxury that cannot be bought for all the money in the world is the tranquility onboard our traditional Nile sailing boats. Especially in winter, when cold winds are blowing in the streets and traffic comes to a standstill in the snow, many Europeans wish for the luxury of a Nile cruise under the southern sun. It doesn’t matter whether you are sitting in an office or at home at your computer – just close your eyes for a couple of seconds and imagine yourself on a sailing boat’s sun deck on the Nile. You are lounging in a comfy deck chair on the sun deck of an Dahabiya, a wonderful warm breeze is gently caressing your skin. Above your head, a dazzling white awning flutters in the wind that protects you from the bright Egyptian sun. This is Nile cruise luxury! A steward offers you a refreshing drink while the stunning riverscape of the Nile slowly passes you by. You will only experience this kind of luxury onbard a traditional luxury Nile cruise. From your vantage point on the sun deck you can watch white herons and cranes soar over the water and water buffalo graze on the banks of the Nile.


Individual Nile cruise luxury onboard a Dahabiya

There is, however, more to the luxury of a Nile cruise onboard of a Dahabeya than merely tranquility and relaxation - something that becomes apparent during our individual excursions. Our Nile sailing ships only dock at the famous sights when the big Nile cruise ships have already left. Being a passenger onboard an EATC-cruise, you will be able to visit the stunning temple complexes in almost complete privacy when the huge group of tourists have already been ushered back on their ships. Nile cruise luxury means that your group will, of course, be accompanied by its own tour guide who will explain in detail the wonders of the temples, pyramids and imposing examples of ancient architecture along the Nile.

Onboard the Dahabiya there is more Nile cruise luxury to enjoy. There are only 6 to 10 cabins onboard your Nile sailing boat. All cabins feature air conditioning, shower and toilet. For an extra charge you can make a reservation for a luxurious suite with private balcony – Nile cruise luxury at its best! It goes without saying that catering during your luxury sailing trip will also leave nothing to be desired. In the galley, the chef conjures local delicacies with fresh ingredients that he buys on the markets along the Nile on a daily basis. In addition to catering onboard, all luxury Nile cruises feature a romantic dinner on the Nile’s shores. The crew members will set the tables on the banks of the river for you to dine under the sparkling stars – just like the ancient pharaos did.

Did we pique your interest in a luxury Nile cruise? We’ll glady answer your questions – just give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to advise you on the topic of luxury Nile cruises in Egypt.