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A Nile cruise onboard a sailing boat probably is the most elegant way to explore Egypt. As opposed to ordinary Nile cruise ships that have to rely on their engines, a Nile cruise sailing boat is propelled entirely by its sails, i.e. the force of the winds.


What is the correct term for a Nile cruise sailing boat??

Traditional Egyptian sailing boats are called Dahabiya (or Dahabeya). Some types of Nile cruise sailing boats are known as felucca or sandal. To spend the holiday on a Nile cruise ship came into fashion in the 19th century – therefore those Nile cruise sailing boats mark the beginning of tourism in Egypt. Wealthy Europeans like bestseller author Agatha Christie traveled the Nile on a Nile cruise sailing boat to explore the lifeline of Egypt and the ancient temples at its shores. With the invention of new technologies, however, the traditional Nile cruise sailing boats were replaced by modern steam boats.

Take a journey back in time to the era of the pharaos onboard a Nile cruise sailing boat Tour operators like the Egyptian Austrian Travel Company (EATC) offer the unique opportunity to experience the flair of times long gone by. With a fleet of three Dahabiyas, EATC has established itself as an expert for sailing trips on a Nile cruise sailing boat. EATC’s Nile cruise sailing ships however, were not built in the 19th century – the Dahabiya Amoura, Dahabiya Donia and Dahabiya Judi are state-of-the-art Nile cruise sailing boats, some of them built only a few years ago, in 2008 and 2009. The fleet’s oldest Nile cruise sailing boat was launched in the year 2005. Like their ancient predecessors, modern Nile cruise sailing boats are made of wood. A Nile sailing boat like a Dahabiya usually has 6-10 cabins that can accommodate two people each. All cabins have one double or two single beds, shower, toilet and air conditioning. There are also suites that feature an additional balcony where guests can enjoy the sailing trip on the Nile in complete privacy and tranquility. Feel yourself relax as the traditional Nile cruise sailing boat slowly and placidly makes her way up the Nile.

A Nile cruise sailing boat offers luxury, tranquility and relaxation You won’t miss a hotel when you’ve made a reservation for a sailing trip on a Nile cruise sailing boat. Enjoy your deluxe holiday on the water and the sensation of slowly sailing up the Nile. By spending your vacation on an EATC Nile cruise sailing boat you’ll also support ecological tourism.

A trip on a Nile cruise sailing boat means holidays off the beaten tourist path. Our friendly employees are looking forward to receiving your call or email and will gladly suggest an individual itinerary for a river cruise on the Nile between Esna and Aswan. You would like to make a reservation for a sailing trip in Egypt on a Nile cruise sailing boat? We will glady answer all your questions.