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Experience a nostalgic Nile cruise with EATC onboard a Dahabiya. A Dahabiya is a charming, wooden Egyptian sailing boat that is beautifully crafted and lovingly designed after traditional Egyptian sailing vessels. It goes without saying that a nostalgic Nile cruise offers the same amenities passengers of ordinary river cruises are accustomed to: Cabins onboard a Dahabiya offer devine accommodation in comfortable beds, a bathroom with toilet and air conditioning.


Nostalgic Nile cruise onboard a Dahabiya

A journey through Egypt is a must-do in the life of everyone who is interested in culture and history. Sailing onboard a Dahabaya on a nostalgic Nile cruise probably is the most elegant way to travel the land of the pharaos. You will be impressed by the relics of cultures long vanished from the face of the earth and stunned by the beauty of the Nile. A nostalgic Nile cruise offers the unique opportunity to catch a glimps of the life along the Nile. Watch local fishermen cast their nets and enjoy the Arabic flair, the bazars and camel markets along the Nile with their exotic scents and smells. A nostalgic Nile cruise offers the opportunity to catch a glimpse of life along the Egyptian lifeline – a privilege most passengers of bigger Nile cruise ships will never experience. When being on a nostalgic Nile cruise you will feel like one of the archaeologist, explorers and adventurers who came to Egypt some hundred years ago in search of temples, pyramids and legendary treasures.


Highlights of a nostalgic river cruise on the Nile

There are a lot of cultural highlights during a nostalgic Nile cruise: There’s the world-famous Valley of the Kings in Western Thebes, the mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut, the Colossi of Memnon and the temple complex of Karnak. Why not go for a ride in a horse-drawn carriage to the temple of Horus in Edfu? You should also visit the temple of Kom Ombo, dedicated to two gods: the falcon-headed Horus and the crocodile-headed Sobek. The journey continues to a small island in the stream where – depending on the weather – you’ll dine on board or have a barbecue on the island. Of course, there will be sufficient time for relaxation on your nostalgic Nile cruise: lounge in the sun on deck your sailing boat, enjoy the stunning beauty of the landscape while a cool breeze ruffles your hair and the friendly stewart gets you a refreshing drink. Another highlight of the nostalgic river cruise is a festive barbecue on one of the idyllic islands in the Nile.

Give us a call if you would like to go on a nostalgic Nile cruise. Our friendly employees have detailed information on nostalgic Nil cruises with the Egyptian Austrian Travel Company (EATC).