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A river cruise on a sailing boat


Sailing a river cruise

A river cruise on a sailing boat? What may initially sound strange to river-cruise enthusiasts, quickly becomes reality on a Dahibiya Nile cruise: You’ll embark on a leasurely cruise up the Nile onbard a traditional Egyptian sailing boat, called a Dahabiya or also Dahabeya. And yes, you’ll be sailing upstream which is quite unusual for this exclusive kind of Nile cruise. But don’t worry: Each Dahabiya has a dinghy that will tow the boat should the winds be insufficient for sailing. The dinghy can be used for individual trips as well. Passengers therefore have the unique possibility to explore temple complexes or villages on the shores of the Nile, the lifeline of Egypt. Of course you will not have to steer the dighy by yourself – instead you will be accompanied by a Dahabiya crew member. But these are only some of the advantages sailing a river cruise.


Let’s go for a Nile river cruise on a sailing boat

Sailing the Nile onbard a Dahibiya means considerably more flexiblity than an ordinary Nile cruise onboard a more conventional bigger cruise ship can provide. You are eager to spend some time on an idyllic island you have just discovered while sailing or want to go for a refreshing swim in the Nile? Or perhaps you have seen a particular impressive temple complex that you would like to explore from close-up without beeing hurried? All this is possible when sailing the Nile: The captain of your sailing boat will gladly stop the Dahabiya and bring the ship to anchor at the shore for you. You will also be able to visit the world-famous cultural monuments between Esna and Aswan. Better still: Your Dahabiya will only dock when the big cruise ships have already left. You then will be able to visit the famous Valley of the Kings, The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut or the Collossi of Memnon at your own pace and without being crowded by other tourists. It goes without saying that you will be accompanied by a personal guide who will let you in on the most treasured secrets of the era of the Pharaos.


A river sailing cruise: Exploring the Nile in pure luxury

While sailing the Nile, passengers will have the unique opportunity to experience traditional life on the banks of the river. Of course, you don’t have to miss the usual comfort of a cruise while sailing the Nile onboard your cruise-ship: Dahabiyas are luxurious, wooden boats with state-of-the-art amenities: All cabins feature air conditioning and comfortable double beds, storage space, a bath and toilet. There is also a suite with a balcony where guests can enjoy the sailing trip in privacy.