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As far as Nile cruises are concerned, sailing the Nil still is an insider’s tip. The sailing boat in question is a so-called Dahabiya, beautifully crafted and designed after the traditional boats of old Egypt. The Egyptian Austrian Travel Company’s (EATC) fleet includes three of these wooden sailing boats. They combine colonial charme with modern technique.

Nile cruise deluxe: Sailing the Nile

The sailing trip on the Nile leads from Esna to Aswan with the boats sailing upriver. In case the winds should be insufficient for sailing, the Dahabiya will be towed by a dinghy that otherwise, i.e. under full sail, will be towed by the Dahabiya.

On embarkation, the passengers are greeted by the crew with refreshing drinks while their luggage is stowed away in their cabins. The first leg of the sailing trip leads to the idyllic El Hegz Island, approximately 4 to 5 hours away. During these first few hours you’ll enjoy your first lunch onboard. Local delicacies will be served on deck while you watch the riverscape passing you by. When sailing the Nile with the Dahabiya Amoura, the Dahabiya Donia or the Dahabiya Judi, the journey will take you past small islands covered with reed that the Egyptian peasants use for grazing their animals. Enjoy the sights: The green fields on the Nile’s banks contrast nicely with the sand-covered desert hills in the background.

Explore Egypt while sailing the Nile

When sailing the Nile, you will enjoy precious privileges that a Nile cruise onboard an ordinary Nile cruise ship simply cannot provide. Should the passengers wish for a refreshing dip into the Nile’s cool waters, the captain may drop anchor at one of the shallow islands in the stream. The Dahabiyas will only head for the world-famous temple complexes at the Nile when the bigger Nile ships have already left. When sailing the Nile, travelers will experience the luxury of having the famous sights almost all to themselves instead of having to share them with hundreds of other tourists. When sailing the Nile, you will be accompanied by one of our tour guides. With a maximum of 20 passengers onboard, our tour guides care for every guest individually. At the guest’s request, even tailor-made excursions can be provided. Due to the fact that each Dahabiya has its own dinghy, exclusive excursions can be carried out by using the boat. A small group may thus visiting some temple while the other passengers are sailing the Nile onboard the Dahabiya.

Sailing the Nile indeed is pure luxury. Cabins onboard feature either one double bed or two singles, shower, toilet and air conditioning. There is also one suite with private balcony available so passengers may enjoy their cruise in complete privacy. Meals onboard are prepared by the Dahabiya’s chef who buys the fresh ingredients for his delicious recipes on local markets.

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